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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the coming days. no need for anybody to do it by herself it's amazing to them. do they. response yet to be much is easy to be seen in human years. the ctu for ecp a situation big is characteristic of the licensees teams. licensee and unprotected in the info we have to be. prepares and nine. all right. spiteri is to tuck in and putting on with the kind that very night to read mobilize to express nationwide too. he discusses to winning. and assist in the local relief work. they played a very effective role. starting from two thousand and three the year of flicks oz
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the government and the attached great importance to the annex one emotion see responses to the outbreak of health commission cic a woman returning from a gate each group and laws. and beefed up institutional i go to the end that we need to see the progress in two thousand and three. they get cold both the weight east. as various levels. i let it rest in one thousand and seventy seven image the seas and se to in thirteen sixty thousand people to what the it's been very effective. the wi fi my aunt and i an oil pipeline me is seeing him stand down until the end was in fact need to buy a wii in school who bought it as well is very use of the earth. i imagined scenes. most of the chinese
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company in the international relief work in. we have three in the thirty five eighth medical them again and seemed to us all. t t e which includes email if you are an ocean scene that occur really fun. in prevention control and to make the ccs in the nuclear radiation induced on this passage for you yet that thing. the reason this is a secure hospital was the honey. not i will be in the eastern cape overnight stops. i need to. so cheers to conduct relief work the very front. my heart the relief work really been on and children achieve any preferential treatment. also are guaranteed in these respects to him. apart from routine. we are greedy for us
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or is it to me and i have i seen and this year. we're working on. his speech. so the last year the word women and children health. on top we do we choose to birth defects. when we are improved nutrition and good fortune training and we all areas. on the plane there really is a knock in training all special i had received medication to grow with me in conducting medical checkups. scripture the act. he's a six million families. the acting up. this tool. but when he needs. most of the industry costs. thank
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you. she's are challenged as well put it mildly anti gleeson cents each a toy so one twenty two point four in the hunt from judging and am financially and how what and then she wanted to walk alone to wait i would take. she's actually in a teacup. one exception each. i know they have to wait with him the one who does his ankle in the dc injunction to block out what they see that it's on second thought when i looked like it is conceived in the cc. china radio international. i like to ask a question about tobacco control. and note that the sessions of the national people's congress and the chinese people's political consultative conference to be smoke free and i had succeeded to the smoking control conventions are thinking yes but we still see many smokers and round card attached at
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the status quo of time as tobacco control what kind of benefits has china making these and yet i know what the future. in the city. yet you are. she said oh i get caught smoking start the game didn't know. no way to go to her smokes. yet family. mom was down. pinto. on wednesday and when that all countries spencer didn't shoot a sense of promise it's worth intentional community. retail for thirty dollars applications carefully. i stitched into the main difference being in whom i love the peace. we went last year. i know that the tenements. miss dance from the kitchens. documents ready and put it in the readers from smoke. so what. the condemned. well
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going into cardiac unit. once and t shirts that don't catch cold milk would never see light at the plate the steepest two sessions i'm gone and a puppy and it's not. notice her guts the canopy option carries a sign for a smoke free. cnn there's no minimum for smoking in places as sub specialty. he creates too much i don't want to be on an extra stitch. i'd like to call them for their intimate knowledge. the requirements of the cookie dough. i particularly like the departments of the retail and hotel room and a peacock should stick to beat the demons. he is the ornaments on it a teen smoking in places. so we can
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create a completely authentic atmosphere. he blames the department of education's dsl or purchase which importance to that. request ads. smoking is different in its aim of the race to start this school mates. yes yes yes. we must push for what the legislation. on the arms smoke for the addition of improper christmas so we need support from all walks of life. and all kinds with ozone. resorts. don't do the tests and disobey and so on to un estimates of when this stuff. he's the most to me. this is going to eliminate any doubt why don't i. a witness to rely on the colors of the mass media now on. you can crow proceeding to promote books and sprayed disseminate knowledge to help out with people it's weird to not know
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if he could go to concerts so that's the way to create atmosphere that these are beneficial to both ourselves and others. we must behave ourselves. not to smoke in places. begin. so. we should get more attention to the spa thank you. the goal forgotten. she hasn't it bush aides to the park but they teach you. it starts two weeks already. when the ep from it. i think she thought they knew that i plan to get them to our youth as he gets into what can and eager to watch a student committee to attend the cash he said. i'm tortured to death. cathay to get to this issue indictments
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and so preachy about to get them made up and going in cold. we talked i take you into the chimney the future of this enchanting cushions and that any conditions and regulatory yes i hide it in the mud to adrian to be tough i'm not the most vocal kind of a medium corn that the passage of the town with a totally honest it that i don't want me to really sell when the party at the tuc i get the javelin and the lovely woman at the frisco that she may come into play when the tickets and such with a cheerful and upbeat halted since the neon or c in c so when it comes out the tweets you he said seeking to get out hiking its answer this simple enough the atc you acknowledge that i choose to be she said the guarantee which has helped doesn't seem to pop them attributes it to get back into a downside it's a good thing since it was time to vet told me i have put the preacher stop them at the beach and let the chicken pen to hide things with which it beat up we found that the doctor that you would see me. i'm bringing modern times he just now mentioned the policy of an outing
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the couple into how to chill it and he flung haven't into a single account. now i have practically need a question from a bead of our news. he said that he has a moderate about these situations. many employees of his company has asked for the city education from his company. many items such as the certificate of the impact risk that the thinking of having single account and peace to keep the kids about cutting your chore to keep he's quite quiet about this because if he could not make sense to keep the kids played on. this is not in line with the comment policy. if he makes such strategic input and yet known. lawless and regulations to farm out so you have any supporting policies for this policy to have two children. well well is that what policies he meant it the national health and family planning commission has an ear to my
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mind on streamlining the pc case. do you plan to punish the application of a certificate to have any standardized procedures he speak out. he told the jury handed up and abandoned. he has got to talking about certificate or studio of protection certificates and he said in a widening of the court is to find a million kids in all this and this made a weak point offense. and we must. in profile research on who was one particular name. for those margaritas and prevention. they also pointed out to get their certificates and we are all increasing our efforts to solve his coffee we are exploring day approaches. and to the onus on the office of the system for the fictional many of the hall. he speaks on the out of our regional exposure and in case i didn't
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experience to invest in the congo. seems he is a general email which is streamlined. my approval said the un's documents and ninety one or two. it's hard to eat by the prestigious title of best to keep convenience. he on how to move on to kids she has a good time being. a second term deposits and some hope. a sleek now carries on the start of the finance sector deals with religious remove it. your thoughts every ton of christ. i know the residents in the problem just mention the dti being a new comer to diminish almost a whole. i recently started the minute the riskier shooting in the interest to me. we know are not looking she doesn't come to love
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yourself for some silly between different regions. it is all around employees. i use tools to finish for the different sections of the west cc one of my own name pronounced. a forum for information sharing your heart. this is the condition online painting and much more worth it looks. it's pretty subtle. it's in the hospital he pointed out that a work recording system for the perth condition. then i can never seem to be frustrating place to set at twenty eight with a nice and that the documents. i'm joining the end of things patients with them to jeopardize the plane all started because i did it because he is getting certificates. so read it
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this aspect is gonna sound the ingredients on hand. this is already eighteen ninety two certificates of form the only one child. ah and this odious executed. speed distribute it. if we look at him instead of ordering the proposed two kids themselves. and oh so right much more experience and that's it's worth million from goal and i also spoke that's going to see him. you cannot supervise all the work all she said. salty it occurred to see me apart people mean to him and he are in conflict steel. we should start from. how nice that how one reads most of the number of people the head. what you'll use your brain. for
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your conference. nineteen why i got that not all that. she knew of what is obama going to die for each day i was like you're going to my tickets to the system supports software. thank you a war will lead the news conference there and. the of course it was something that we have been anticipating and caring for the last hour from the head of china's national health and family planning commission. we've been well let's go back to our studio against a new toy and has an economics professor at peking university. it was certainly a wide ranging press conference on many issues under discussion. for your walk with the mind ports when i think he is super light them up them. it needs to provide some awesome
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information. ii i think that dinky town and the census. i mean serious weird government would take it serious measures to pursue. both the national care before and now changi seen the one child policy. so i didn't think through some major changes will be taking it quite effectively. after the conference. what will come back and took a little bit more specifically about some of those issues but till it's done now. through the media center where the press conference was held and reporting for cctv news is that johnny made. she's been watching or listening to everything that screen set of the last hour. there's a lot that i commanded thee. well yes and when hutton in the press conferences just read up at red top and me being the minister of national health and family planning permission has graced the media on the pos achievement and also
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the policy priorities for twenty fourteen she started by repeating the past year she said that i mean in two thousand and thirteen in anthony key reforms including the institutional reform and altering its ten year government has placed the basic medical insurance hundred and eighty done and done with warm up to hospitals have been carried out team morning from eight hundred coach of the hospital is a new lobby at times it has also introduced a gas national essential medicine beds which covers about five hundred and twenty types of madison's any wild dutchman has also successfully chased a private capitalists into the house service at the moment they rot seven thousand three hundred private cost of those one thousand five hundred wood and the previous year and she also said that the international many if any planning policy has also made see the breakthroughs and die she continues. in nineteen ninety act for twenty fourteen she said that the article and would
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continue to reform the hospitals by by reducing the incentive of doctors prescribing thoughtful spot for higher income and that the reform of the hospitals would be extended to one thousand monkey that the hospitals don't want either city in every province meanwhile the participation rate of yet. a new rule of health care will be kept above ninety five percent and diaper companies to add that the country would also continue to eat then i tried out the friday attack goes into the house surveys and she said that at the country worlds and he needs you to deepen the allen family planning policy that new child policy. although there's nothing if i had a bow at the moment anyway. was so obviously the missus because for many people are interested him all the same family planning amendment is going through and title because we have one of the journalists they are even questioning the amount of paperwork that simple doodles sorted out but this one
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aspect ours is going to check with you maybe. since twenty twelve china has been expanding the coverage of critical illness insurance and some pundit programs and by the end of june for provincial government school fully in the mental part of this team. has there been any feedback that you've been able to look at that screen the rioting since this announcement was mine. well as in chinese so it stands is nothing to insist on to include assessment of critical illness and this programming those who break them up and gentle party sees cancers and other major the seasons and i would add to this program will pay more to fifty percent of the medical expenses up to the ipkat team. i may change it from the basic medical insurance in this of course a web ad breaks the ease the financial burden for chinese families and die the country where acting according to be beamed up by the end of june all provincial governments up
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forty pm and already leased to private. critical illness insurance any luck she also said that the government will continue to strengthen the supervision make mechanisms and make sure that kiwi media will actually get fairer access to the uncritical units insurance. already many thanks and see stuff about so that's turning the reporting from the media center and buy a chain with the press conference has just been told and if you just joined us we've been following the conference for the last hour with the head of china's national health and family planning commission. we've been but we have in the studio the euphoria and who is an economics professor at peking university so many issues but subtle time to discuss it all. one thing that the chinese hospitals have long been criticized for why didn't i catch this having being discussed at the press conference has been a lot of criticism. for one of the prescribing and
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prescribing medicine that is in fact overpriced. why why is it happening unless it's something that can be stopped yet this is not paid the long lasting question or challenge for chinese on health care system for many years. for example on or drug expenditures account for over fifty percent for the health expenditures. compared to know more than twenty percent hahaa but some of the same cannot be guaranteed in the west. on the dvd to be the factors that contribute to this problem. our army including on. the government of the non provide doubt no funds to hospitals which are an angel so the hubby healthcare providers in china. and second demands of
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the bean point out that hal loving them. doctors working in top speed of their salaries are we under that keen on the course of the regulatory systems so they were underpaid. and thirdly on the course of the shortage out of the financial sources from both hospital and doctors. so the government in the next a whole. a weird hospitals can generate revenues for themselves through a priest nineteen eighties the use of the high technology use and then some devices so it says i think this probably was forty eight people were made by policy in the pack said he's so bad this sig is the freaking change in policy and then the hospital behavior dr behavior could be expected take for example if we could. tom allocate more funds. com or. you know we
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just found from layed down on better conditions for private capital to change this is the beef we don't have the number of new funds secondly if we cannot increase in dr sen substantially to the mini dv expect that we share the lead doctor still have more opportunities to practise medicine in multiple sites in society and thirdly you fly out. we believe. then dad down to hospital market needs more power than their men to maintain its ious managing the marbles and maybe give foreign capital foreign investors can green both capital and economic dimension d models to try but she pointed at them now you know in the future. dom perhaps we should on me that changes soon a policy that could accommodate those needs so that's on the doctor's fee the students on their seats to hospitals. we
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changed the way. it has beat the beavers amenities. it's one of a number of areas of the office again to be challengers for the youth ministry here in this coming year and the youth and beyond many people watching this program will the mills in china. about watching us in other countries in the interest in the delightful far this year i've become to china are in the health system in china just in a very small. nacho explained to us how legal rights. there is the system there was the private system as well. foreigners wanted to come to china. there was a challenge that i can be covered by medical insurance yes on you from these few foreigners come to china he's need you to be joined on arts and eighty eight the mystique and manufactured to mrs companies by policy he should be covered through what we call
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that her view on employee be submitting teachers and their time their active families could also join private health insurance which come in china are not the will to the ob yet that buys the team for now. the government of william kerr each friday insurance companies to provide a more bitter services some cover the know will come and try to help out private health teachers who was to provide those people who are not working if the needy me in the town the listed companies. so i think the four foreigners and the ten meter joint of the state health teachers who went from being put in it or not. combine out private health insurance programs. we too are expected to be better developed under the current policy. another area. it's course which is of concern to the sunday people. but there is still a long way to guard
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but it was right his fly is one of the reporters towards the end of the press conference was that of tobacco control. we hear that there are of enormous parking areas at the time that it all the different departments with makings of being held during this political season but this is a wally big problem is an abundance of just the probe. you talked about the education before when we were talking about family planning this area wilson is a lot more to catch in the snow. it does this earth he does at the gate in case you are held some people to quit smoking and on but i think in addition to the uk from the government really should be on stand tough on on. on the smoking behavior in places. i think you need pass it on some government agencies like the cbc tread there aren't too on to something. to prevent people from smoking in places but didn't get out their efforts
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government took were not effective or as effective as we would like to see. i think how did that mean the odd due to some political economy of some of us agreed the industry. i think out the meat down the win when this congress. fears that this is a stay at home the speaker still unpaid more serious efforts to quarantine the industry's be twenty at the beach we our national. health incentives may need another industry that produces see treats. and and and and the bank was i thinking on this we have very effective in store for garmin and agency under state cuts and directly. i don't think we can achieve. reader of times. i think we all expect and it's because of complete more serious efforts. so if
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you are looking at the euro hit with side the next five years the hip hop what would you write. as the number one challenge now for improving health here in china. well i think the number one challenge. when bb on the government on. clear. com policy goal to ofcom police are equal access to calm health nature's cars such as on the inclusion of god. oh well. on top of love what will come. sorry but that comes from the good the various sectors of the industry that need to come together to work together to help provide data services. yes i think the government it should really make it very clear and then add cheer access to
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healthcare services have to be a post i put them on the species mom on the general population. and also how the government eased era clear about the weird government funds should be focused. so that we can have better and more transparent areas for preity had to do their jobs right now i feel we will win government. he's he's tried to will come in current income of two thousand and eight funky seen he knew our healthcare system. but we're not clear we are the mini should focus their jobs well. creating been attending keys to mark the places for pride the cabinets i think that's the number one job for coming to tune in to work on for life. thank you very much indeed the right to have you with this and appreciate your analysis that says you gordon has an economics professor at peking university giving us some analysis of on the site
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of china's health care system and the challenges that lie ahead and thank you for being with us of evidence is so alive will cost. from the media center and home the us. the oh oh and scott thompson and welcome to after ten. when developing land the government isn't just simply designing cities and buildings. it's also putting a lot of effort into building up the nation's infrastructure. i miss that takes a lot of time and money a systematic approach is crucial. on today's after ten we are joined by kim soft


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